Construction Management

Project types include feasibility study, construction management, project management and civil engineering for a variety of building. Confident in our abilities to deliver a high-quality product in a timely manner.

The Construction Management approach, construction contracts are made between the project Owner and the specialist contractors, managed by the Construction Manager, while one of the contractors will take the role of Lead contractor. As the Engineering design will be prepared by the Engineering consultant, wherever possible, GTM will recommend combining this system with the so-called “Fast Track” system.

In this latter system, specific nature of the project will be carefully analyzed, to see whether any particular ‘long lead items’ due to procurement or engineering works can be identified among the various project works.

In that case, the project will be divided into several project packages  and tailored to enable some procurement or construction parts of the project

to start while the remaining parts of the project are still under Design / Engineering process.